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I'm Back!!

Finally! I have some time alone to sit and write. It has been almost 2 weeks so I’m about to burst. My schedule has been a bit hectic and finding time for me has been impossible. It’s not a bad thing as I’ve spent a lot of time with family and friends. In fact, it has been quite refreshing. Fall is a busy time in a college town if you love football and your team is the best in the nation! RTR!
The last time I posted I told you we were close to deciding where we might like to move. We talked with someone about building on a lot in a neighborhood we really like. I think we have decided against that. It was way more money than I want to spend and I can’t imagine ever getting a good return on that investment. Soooo…. we are still looking. We are super close to being ready to list our current house for sell. We have a person doing some touch up painting, etc… right now. I have cleaned out all of the closets (insert wide-eyed emoji here!) and bagged up everything we want to donate. I have separated out some great things to sell later, perhaps in a moving sale. I’m ready to do this!! In the meantime, I threw our house up for sale by owner. Help me spread the word that I’m ready to make a deal! My impatience got the best of me!

I continue to do a great deal of self-introspection and realize I have tons to sort out concerning my future and my happiness. As I do this, the list I’m making of things important to me changes. I haven’t shared it with you because it is a very telling list. It’s not that I have things to hide, but it is because it changes. The things I thought were important when I started this journey seem to be more superficial and I keep diving deeper. For example, when I began making my list it included features I want in a house. Seriously. That’s embarrassing as I realize that is the least of what makes people happy! I’m really glad I didn’t share the list with you from the beginning because you’d think I’m crazier than you do now. The changes in the list are the result of my journey. When I do get to a final list, I will share the iterations with you because they tell a fascinating story.

As the past couple of weeks have passed, I’ve made notes about various thoughts for future blogs, so stay tuned. I plan to share thoughts about maintaining discipline, motivation, my health, and relationships. My schedule over the next couple of weeks is less busy so I know I’ll have time to write. Go enjoy this beautiful fall Sunday!!

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