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Nice to meet you,
I'm Gina Simpson.

Thank you for visiting my webiste. I would love to connect with you further. Please reach out and let's set a time to talk. 

"I know that anyone enough passion and initiative can be successful. I believe this so much that I dedicate my time to empowering ambitious and motivated individuals to reach for their dreams."           - Gina Simpson

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About Gina...

Gina Simpson knows that anyone with enough passion and initiative can be successful. She believes this so much that she dedicates her time to empowering ambitious and motivated individuals to reach for their dreams.


Gina’s energetic optimism for success is infectious! She has helped countless people overcome fear and other obstacles to increase their confidence and enable them to launch businesses, set higher goals, and develop strategic plans to reach their goals. A serial entrepreneur herself, founding and growing 6 companies, Gina knows the challenges and rewards associated with ambitious career goals. Combining her professional experience with her passion to help others, Gina founded Soluna Strategies, a firm that specializes in developing energetic, innovative, and successful individuals and organizations. She is a highly sought-after, charismatic keynote speaker and author that works with students, individual clients, and organizations moving them towards actualization of their goals. Her work is rooted in the belief that our futures are unlimited and all dreams are possible to achieve! Gina shares stories of success on her podcast, The TopUnder Dog

Gina Simpson, a certified professional coach and energy leadership index master practitioner, holds a M.S. Degree in Marketing and a B.S. Degree in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from the University of Alabama. Additionally, she currently serves as an Instructor there in the field of entrepreneurship. Gina has received numerous awards throughout her career including The Rising Star Entrepreneurship Award by the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce, the Soroptimist Woman of Distinction, the Roots and Wings Award by the Women in Business Council and is a two time recipient of the Steve Woodward Outstanding Faculty Award. She is a wife, mother, and remains active in the community as a member of several boards.

-Gina Simpson is a certified professional coach and founder of Soluna Strategies. If you are interested in working with Gina to reach your full potential, email her at Her passion is your success!

-Gina's passion in life is to help others help themselves. She freely shares her life journey in her Blog in hopes that you can find nuggets of hope and inspiration to feed your own journey. If you would like to partner with Gina, she would love to help you to find your happiness and success.

-Gina has enjoyed a successful professional life and has shared those details on LinkedIn.

Email me at to set up your free coaching consultation.

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