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An Epiphany!

Learning to manage my time is a complex thing. It is easy to stay busy completing tasks. The hard part is prioritizing those tasks. I read a great article that said that people that jump from task to task rather than having laser focus on one and completing it are less effective. Boy! That stung! I am the queen of ADHD (and yes I have it!). I am always jumping around from task to task. I take my pride in my ability to multitask. Most times I can circle back around and finish what I’ve started, but the truth is that some things fall through the cracks and I fail to complete them. This drives me crazy and causes me tremendous stress and guilt. So my big epiphany for the weekend is to start one task and finish it. Stop jumping around. Don’t laugh if you figured this out as a child! Ha! Actually, you can laugh at me and this simplistic idea because I’m laughing at myself. Sometimes the answer is staring you in the face and you look right past it. Back to time management, if I must pick a task and finish it before starting another, this means I must prioritize things. Before my epiphany, I didn’t really have to decide what was most important to me or what should be done first because I was doing everything at once. I’ve thought a lot about how to prioritize. Some things must be completed because timing dictates that I must finish them, not because I rank them high in importance to me – like laundry! It is not important to me to do laundry on a Sunday, but my family appreciates clean things to wear during the week. There are other tasks in my life that must be assigned a level of importance so that I can make a good decision on how to prioritize my actions and time. This is all coming full circle to the first blog I wrote and the idea of putting on paper the things that are important to me. I’m not quite ready to share that list yet because I’m still working on it, but I can tell you that I will look at the list differently now that I have a new component of time management to consider.

Prior to this journey I had been doing a lot of introspection and found there are several things about me and my life that need attention. I chose the path of downsizing to address the changes, but downsizing is just the tip of the iceberg for the things I need to do. It’s work time now but I promise to be back tonight with another blog talking about the complexities of life and how to pursue happiness. Have a great Monday!!

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